Angus Campbell, Jeddah Metro – Building a Sustainable Vision for Infrastructure

Jeddah Metro – Building a Sustainable Vision for Infrastructure

By taking a long-term, sustainable approach, which anticipates growth well into the next century, the vision for Jeddah’s transport network includes the design of metro, tram, ferry, bus, cycle, park and ride systems, as well as new bridges, public spaces, energy infrastructure and nodes of development.

Angus Campbell’s talk will outline the practice’s innovative approach, using the project as a catalyst to create new public spaces from linear parks to sports facilities, as well as a new network of data, energy and communications, allowing the metro system to become an integral part of the city’s infrastructural spine. He will also discuss how infrastructural development can be underpinned by environmental and economic sustainability by promoting densification and strategic planning that leverages future land values to fund such projects, while also drawing on lessons from history and local culture with an aim to create a diverse and vibrant city.

Angus Campbell, Senior Partner & Deputy Head of Studio, Foster + Partners

Chair: Jeremy Melvin, Curator, World Architecture Festival

Source by World Architecture Festival

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