Andrés Jaque and Ivan Munuera premiere film exploring the visual landscape of Covid-19

Our VDF collaboration with The World Around concludes with the premiere of a new film by Andrés Jaque and Ivan Munuera, which charts the impact of coronavirus on spaces at different scales.

Called The Transscalar Architecture of COVID-19, The World Around invited New York-based architect and professor Andrés Jaque and curator and critic Ivan Munuera to create the 13-minute film for today’s Earth Day symposium.

Through a montage of captioned images set to music, the film explores the coronavirus pandemic across a vast range of scales – from microscopic images and visualisations of the virus itself, to maps showing its global spread.

It documents dramatic transformations of the built environment, including conference centres being converted into hospitals and empty city streets being reclaimed by wildlife.

“The Transscalar Architecture of COVID-19 tracks how coronavirus, its contagion, and its responses are enacted through space,” said the filmmakers.

“[The film] interrogates territorial divides, the condition of migration and the making of refugeeness, old and new geometries of colonialism, tax justice, access to healthcare, racism and xenophobia, warfare rhetoric, surveillance, urban infrastructures, public spaces, and borders. But also; entanglement, cooperation, inventiveness, engagement, and emerging forms of togetherness.”

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