AMATEUR VS PRO GRAPHIC DESIGN! (Typography Showdown!!)

More design examples of the before and after style video, this time in the category of typography design. Learn what makes a pro graphic design solution, and what examples end up being amateur in relation to typography in graphic design.

You all really like this amateur vs pro series, and how graphic design artwork can be made better with just quick, minor adjustments. And so I have made a new video but this time it’s based around typography. Typography is such an important part of graphic design that it needs to be correct. Bad ore amateur typography can really harm and ruin a graphic design, simply by being incorrect.

Graphic design should be based upon the basics and the fundamental principles. Once these are mastered you can then start to become a pro and find your own style and niche from there on. But understanding and mastering the basics is essential, this is what a lot of amateur designers fail to do, and that’s why they never excel up to pro level in their designs or careers. So I hope the examples in todays video do illustrate how graphic design can easily be amateur or pro with small changes.

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