Amanda Levete: Only connect – Why public spaces matter

Award winning architect Amanda Levete examines the purpose and value of public spaces and the impact they can have on public organisations.

What makes good public space? And, as architects, how can we design public spaces that allow these exchanges to happen? What is the role of our institutions in the creation of public space? Can they be risk takers in a risk-averse world? And how can we persuade them of the nobility of pushing limits and advancing the debate? Public spaces create countless opportunities to connect across thresholds: connecting people of different nationalities and from different walks of life. When you connect people, relationships are formed and thresholds become more about mutual exchange. Amanda Levete explores the purpose and value of public spaces through two AL_A projects – the V&A Exhibition Road Quarter in London and MAAT in Lisbon.

Rethinking Public Value and Public Purpose in 21st Century Capitalism is a lecture series presented by UCL’s new Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose in collaboration with the British Library.… Featuring luminaries from the worlds of arts, economics, architecture and design and policymaking, it considers the role of the public sector in today’s capitalist world and asks what partnerships are needed to address societal and technological challenges? How can public spaces be designed to create more democratic participation and new forms of learning and exploration? Does public necessarily mean free? Can the digital revolution create a new type of public realm? Speakers include Richard Rogers, Stephanie Kelton, Jayati Ghosh, Lucy Musgrave and Mariana Mazzucato.


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