All-in-one digital table for Ikea suggests recipes based on leftover ingredients

A team of students have created a concept kitchen table for Ikea, which acts as an integrated cooking hob and dining table and can suggest recipes based on ingredients you put on it.

The interactive table, which was developed by students at Lund University and Eindhoven University of Technology together with design consultancy IDEO, can identify an ingredient placed on it via a camera and image-recognition technology.

It will then suggest other ingredients to combine with it and can take the user through a full step-by-step recipe via instructions projected directly onto the surface of the table.

“It sees what grocery you put onto it and decides through colour, shape and size what grocery it is,” explains Lund University student Ingrid Allenbach in the movie. “It will then suggest what will go well with it and give you recipes to guide you through how to cook them.”

The idea behind the table, which was presented as part of a concept kitchen for 2025 at the Ikea Temporary show in Milan, is to promote cooking and reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away.

“The things within your home should help you be more mindful of the food you have,” says Allenbach. “We want to get people more engaged with their food — actually touching and working with their food — rather than just poking at a screen.”

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