Alexandra Bachzetsis – BMW Tate Live: Performance Room

Alexandra Bachzetsis presents From A to B via C, a new work created for three dancers for a theatre, and further transformed for an exhibition space and performed live to an online audience as part of the 2014 Performance Room series.

Alexandra Bachzetsis lives and works in Basel and Zurich. She is an artist and choreographer whose practice spans performance, theatre, dance and visual arts. In particular her work creates an inquiry into the similar influence between gesture and movement in ‘low’ genres such as romantic comedy or hip-hop music videos and in high art forms such as ballet and performance. Her performances also question stereotypical representations of the female body in contemporary popular culture. Typical gendered clichés become tools of self-reflection and empowerment. Bachzetsis has been working independently, producing and presenting her work in theatres and contemporary art venues since 2003.


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