Adobe XD Masterclass: Episode 90

Join Adobe XD Evangelist Howard Pinsky as he walks you through tips & tricks to get you designing!
00:00 Start
02:22 Building out a case study
04:41 Getting inspiration for case studies
08:21 Blocking things out
11:20 Design for scrolling
15:09 Previewing the blocked out design
21:11 Using mockups for graphics in Photoshop
23:20 Creating multiple screens with the mockup
26:08 Adding shadows to the mockups in Photoshop
29:05 Previewing w/ mockups
33:41 Resolving the type for “boopFinance”
36:33 Importing illustration from Adobe Stock
39:39 Highlighting light and dark modes using mockups
42:23 Emphasizing the light and dark modes with type
44:26 Keeping consistency with project and case study
47:20 Adding your fonts, colors, icons
53:45 Including icons and wrap up


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