Adobe XD Masterclass: Episode 88

Join Adobe XD Evangelist Howard Pinsky as he walks you through tips & tricks to get you designing!
00:00 Start
02:45 Finance app – sending UI design
07:50 Creating a ring graphic with depth
11:01 Green progress ring
14:19 Adding a cancel payment button
17:25 Creating a component of the cancel button – multiple states
18:35 Complete payment state – checkmark confirmation
20:01 Animating the progress ring and payment complete states
25:22 Interaction settings – trigger type, easing, duration
27:44 Combining everything to one artboard
29:56 Pro Tip: Lottie file time trigger hack
33:36 Lottie animation code
37:15 Changing the trigger time for the lottie animation
40:33 Payment final state
44:09 Designing a currency trading page
47:40 Creating multiple currency options
51:10 Trade button


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