Adobe XD Masterclass – Episode 33

Join Adobe XD Evangelist Howard Pinsky as he walks you through tips & tricks to improve your designing and workflows.
00:00 start
5:10 Card Flip Animation Start
7:40 Creating a Card Shape
8:35 Glitch Pluggin
11:30 Using Text to Create a Hole in a Card
14:45 Using 3D Transform to Move the Card
18:10 Using Auto Animate to 3D Animate Card
29:30 Lo-Fi Mockups
30:10 Creating an Xd Interface Mockup
31:45 Xd Stories Panel
38:50 Using Images from Adobe Stock for Stories
40:15 Call to Action for Xd Stories
44:35 Toy Face Avatars for Xd
54:00 Next Xd Update and Q&A


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