Adobe Fonts Show: Choosing Fonts for Logo Design – Episode 27

Choosing the right font for the job can be tricky business but it needn’t be! Join Ari & Ben for a quick roundup of tips and tricks to choose the right font for your next logo project!

In this stream you’ll learn:
– A very brief history of the logo
– Using tags to find appropriate fonts
– Customizing the look of letters by modifying or using special features

Host Ben Welch is a Content Producer for Adobe based in New York.

Host Ariadne Remoundakis is a lettering artist and Library Manager of Adobe Fonts based in San Francisco:
Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
6:05 Weekly audience poll
12:45 Choosing fonts for logo design
23:15 Browsing logo templates in Creative Cloud Express
28:00 Editing a logo template
34:30 Editing fonts


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