A.UD Lecture Series 2013-2014: Carsten Primdahl

UCLA A.UD Lecture Series
January 27, 2014

Carsten Primdahl
Partner and Co-founder, CEBRA, Denmark

CEBRA is a Danish architectural design firm that mutates and adapts according to circumstances, yet always remains relevant and modern. Despite an ideological diversity in the work there is always a signature in CEBRA’s architecture.

People call CEBRA architecture people friendly, we like that — we call it Healthy Eyecandy. CEBRA work is the alchemy of human empathy and architectural expression. It stems from the notion that the ordinary is the means of the extraordinary — and solving a program is merely a part of creating a solution. Architecture is slow and a business of long lasting values. We build our work on top of a cultural history and in a horizon of futures to come. Architecture is inextricably linked with significant social, environmental and economic implications — and is a serious endeavor, serious fun.

Aim high — miss low. Extraordinary architecture is not achieved by budgets alone — it needs ambition and open mindedness. Too many ideas are better than the lack of ideas for creating better concepts — we celebrate that. Our working process is based on dialog and we consider our works to be interdisciplinary, collaborative and content driven. Architecture is universal and a meeting between cultures and disciplines. Our staff consists of skilled people with specialised talents from Denmark and all around the world — with one thing in common, the passion for architecture.

Tools and technology allow us to work in various modes from hand to mind. We embrace a new technology that frees architectural thinking from restraints and we appreciate the evident qualities of craftsmanship. Our approach is rooted in a high degree of professionalism and attention to quality, which fuels the continuous ambition to break new ground. CEBRA architecture comes with an agenda and an attitude.



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