A Section of Now, book launch with Giovanna Borasi

Conceived as part of the one-year investigation Catching Up with Life, A Section of Now: Social Norms and Rituals as Sites for Architectural Intervention asks how architecture can begin to contend with and address our changing lived realities and social norms. The publication serves as a meditation on new behaviours, rituals, and values and their spatial implications, and seeks to catalyze urban and architectural interventions that accommodate, influence, and in some cases, pre-empt our new lived realities.

Read more here: https://www.cca.qc.ca/en/events/77894/a-section-of-now-social-norms-and-rituals-as-sites-for-architectural-intervention

Florian Idenburg, Founding Partner, SO–IL and Professor of the Practice, Cornell AAP
Hilary Sample, Principal, FAIA, at MOS Architects PLLC
Giovanna Borasi, Director, CCA
Alexandra Pereira-Edwards, Editor, Publications, CCA

Produced by the CCA




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