A New York-Inspired Industrial Home Designed for Family Living (House Tour)

Carlotta Residence is the ultimate combination of raw and bold materials, accomplishing a balance between functionality, brashness and beauty. The property was purchased whilst the owners were living in New York; they brought with them the industrialised aesthetic made famous by the city that never sleeps.

As an industrial home, Carlotta Residence speaks to purposeful materiality. Elements of the household take on a life of their own, becoming independent and individual. The building is not a typical Sydney construction, instead it pushes the boundaries to create a sense of delicacy and harmonisation within its broadly brutalist design. This chemistry allows the house to play into the harshness of concrete whilst evoking the warmth found in a family home.

The multi-levelled home is the achievement of a collaboration between Matthew Woodward Architecture, Esoteriko Interior Architecture and the homeowners. Balancing the building’s identity as an industrial home, every aspect of Carlotta Residence is utilised to create playful moments and opportunities throughout the house – the structure’s dynamic features instinctively unfolded as the home was being designed and constructed. With the James Bond-inspired skylight at the bottom of the pool, bringing light into the office underneath, it is easy to ascertain why the theme of Carlotta Residence was industrial chic. The materials are a reference to the natural beauty of the views beyond the home; they reveal an element of truthfulness that is only enhanced by the intuitive architecture.

Architecture by Matthew Woodward Architecture.
Interior by Esoteriko Interior Architecture.
Build by Hunt Collaborative.
Photography by Murray Fredericks.
Filmed and Edited by Kit Baker.
Production by The Local Project.

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