A Heritage Home Gets Transformed into a Contemporary Concrete House (House Tour)

Taroela by MCK Architects sees a heritage home transformed into a contemporary concrete house. Inside a heritage home with a new contemporary addition, the home revels in a harmonious balance. Inside the heritage home located in the Sydney suburb of Kirribilli, the contemporary addition intertwines modern design with restored heritage features and textual style. The ubiquitous influence of the harbour feeds into the heritage hamlet of Kirribilli; the traditional streetscape of Taroela is retained to create an elegant dialogue between the older aspects of the building and the newer, contemporary alterations.

Traditionally, there is a clear divide between the old and new when inside a heritage home, however Taroela executes a seamless transition achieved by MCK Architects and Toki Construction, who viewed the existing dwelling as an opportunity rather than a drawback. Described by Steve Koolloos, Co-Owner of MCK Architects, as “an invasive renovation of an existing heritage, semi-detached dwelling with some wonderfully contemporary additions,” Taroela is the result of a strong and genuine collaboration between the owners, architects and builder.

Speaking to its late 1800s charm, the style and texture of the original structure remains a strong element of Taroela. As you step inside the heritage home, the enclosed bones of the existing are experienced before the space opens to a clean-lined design, embracing large windows and natural light, speaking to a more contemporary projection.

The front yard wraps around the western side of the site, inviting the greenery into the interior spaces. A new double garage sits at the end of the home, flanking the new built-in swimming pool. Perched above the garage is now a private garden and roof terrace, reminiscent of a Greek Island villa, and is a space that opens out to the blue sky above.

A featured addition to the family home is the concrete ceiling in the kitchen, which bends up and embraces the softness of the arches from the original heritage home. The design of the concrete block allows natural light to enter the new space, seamlessly bringing the outside in and giving the kitchen the opportunity to engage with the greenery and brightness of the landscape. This feature was meticulously planned by Toki Construction, who built a scale model to help template the shape and execute the dramatic concrete curve.

Whilst the site is not large in size, aspects such as the four-storey void allow for a moment pause between the old and new, with its grand views to the skylight above. The ground floor retains the original stairs, now covered in contemporary carpet; moments like this articulate the thoughtful conversation considered for all aspects of the interior space. They also showcase the quirky, eclectic style of the owners, instilling a sense of fun and intrigue at every turn inside the heritage home with its new contemporary addition.

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Architecture by MCK Architects.
Build by Toki Construction.
Filmed and Edited by Kit Baker.
Production by The Local Project.

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