A Convergence at the Confluence of Power, Identity, and Design, Panel Discussion: Activism

This Convergence marks the formation of a regional network of equity-focused design-centric student groups focused on re-imagining the intersection between identity and design. We hope that this event can be the start of a wide-spread dialogue about the importance of identity-based discourse in the practice and pedagogy of design of the built environment, as well as an opportunity to form a network of equity-focused design-student groups and merge these ongoing conversations in our disciplines.

We hope to seize the opportunity to grow and merge the many individual conversations about gender and other identity-based discrimination happening in our disciplines and in our schools. The SAM list did not tell us anything we did not already know; however, it did spark broad conversation where there had been uneasy silence. The Convergence breaks that silence, and invites us to engage in a collective restructuring of the design disciplines and actively question the nature of design work as it intersects with gender and other personal identities.


Jeana Dunlap (Loeb Fellow; Louisville Metro Redevelopment Strategies)
Jen Grosso (SOM; Architexx)
Jess Myers (Writer; Strategist; Editorial Consultant Here There Be Dragons Podcast)
Peggy Deamer (Architecture Lobby; Prof. of Arch., YSoA)
Maya Harakawa (PhD Cand., CUNY)
Sasha Costanza-Chock (Scholar; Activist; Mediamaker; Assoc. Prof. of Civic Media, MIT)


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