A Better Way to Draw in AutoCAD (Change this Setting)

Want to set up your drafting workspace to display your line weights as if you were drawing on paper. Two simple steps and you’re drawing in a WYSIWYG environment rather than colored lines on a black screen. Plus, an important bonus tip to get your line weights looking precise and on-point.

00:00 Setting 1
00:29 Setting 2
00:51 Line Weights Not Showing Correctly?
01:36 Bonus tip
02:33 Or, Inverted View (to Avoid Eye Strain)
02:59 Download my AutoCAD Template (links)

➕ Digital drawing templates: https://thirtybyforty.com/digital-drawing-template
➕ Specification + Schedule templates: https://thirtybyforty.com/spec
➕ Architect’s Toolkit (incl. shop drawing stamp): https://thirtybyforty.com/toolkit
➕ Architect + Entrepreneur Course: https://thirtybyforty.com/a-e-course
➕ Notion template (free): https://thirtybyforty.com/notion

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