#98 Natural Materials: Ginger Krieg Dosier on Bacterial Concrete

Ginger Krieg Dosier in Conversation with Lola Ben-Alon

In the final conversation of the Natural Materials mini-series, faculty Lola Ben-Alon and architectural researcher, Ginger Krieg Dosier, discuss the process of developing and manufacturing natural material products. Dosier is the founder and CEO of bioMASON, a natural material compound employing microorganisms and chemical processes to organically create cement-based materials for construction, with the aim of replacing traditional, more damaging cementitious materials.

The Natural Materials mini-series consists of conversations with designers, builders, and product developers of clay, bamboo, fibers, and bacterial concrete. Natural Materials are defined as minimally processed, readily available, non-toxic, healthy, and engaging materials. They are critically needed to reduce carbon emissions and extractive, harmful impacts associated with conventional building materials. (This conversation was recorded remotely in December 2020.)

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