5 Things That Inspire Zarina Bhimji | Artist Interview | TateShots

Meet Zarina Bhimji, an artist engaging with cultural and social politics, light and colour. ‘I feel that culture should be coming from all sorts of voices’, says the artist. ‘And I think when I’m feeling fed up of working I remind myself why that is important.’

We visit Zarina’s London studio to discover five personal objects that have inspired and informed the artist’s work: a camera, a pair of shoes, a photograph, a scarf and a book.

Zarina’s latest work includes ‘Lead White’ 2018, an installation of photographs and textiles at Tate Britain. Its title – the name of a white pigment used in painting until the nineteenth century – is a metaphor for the painterly feeling of the work.

5 objects that inspire Zarina Bhimji: https://bit.ly/2KtQmVl

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