5 Awesome FREE Sans Serif Fonts Vol.1 | GDS Font Book

Welcome to the GDS Font Book.

There are a lot of quality fonts available for free out there so I have decided to put together a list of some of my favorites which you can download today and use in your design.

In this video I will be showcasing 5 awesome Sans Serif fonts.

00:00:00 Start
00:01:10 HK Grotesk
00:03:45 Kuro
00:05:52 Quark
00:07:38 Aller
00:09:59 Questrial




HK Grotesk – https://garethdavidstudio.com/fontbook/sans-serif/hk-grotesk-font/
Kuro – https://garethdavidstudio.com/fontbook/sans-serif/kuro-font/
Quark – https://garethdavidstudio.com/fontbook/sans-serif/quark-font/
Aller – https://garethdavidstudio.com/fontbook/sans-serif/aller-font/
Questrial – https://garethdavidstudio.com/fontbook/sans-serif/questrial-font/


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