372: The Architect-Developer Relationship with Geoff Ross

This week, we’re speaking with Geoff Ross.

Geoff is a real estate development executive who has interdisciplinary expertise. He has both been trained as an architect and has worked in several architectural offices in New York City, and then he transitioned into the ownership and development side where he has worked with some of the largest and most active New York City developers.

He’s had projects come out of the ground in several US states and has repositioned assets in New York City of over $3 billion.

This was a really fascinating conversation to see behind the scenes of how developers work with architects, how they approach and hire architects, what they’re looking for, what makes a successful collaboration, mistakes architects often make when they’re trying to find work with developers, and how developers can actually take advantage if they’re not properly prepared.

We also speculate on the future of real estate in a post-covid world and the numerous business opportunities that may be presenting themselves to architects.

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