273: How to Attract the Right Client to Your Firm

In today’s episode of the Business of Architecture podcast, you’ll get a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Mastermind group I run with Richard Petrie and Eric Bobrow.

A Mastermind group is a small group of individuals who meet regularly to brainstorm and think tank about a particular subject.

This Mastermind focuses on helping group members win higher quality projects through strategic marketing.

The group meets weekly online, and we run 2 live meet-ups per year where we all get together in person.

In episodes 255 and 256 I talked more about the Mastermind – I suggest you go there to hear more about what goes on in these closed-door meetings.

Everything that takes place in our mastermind meeting is held confidential by those participating; however, I felt you would get a lot of value out of this conversation so I got permission from the people involved to share this with you.

On this Mastermind call, you’ll hear Caryn Paradis, who runs a high-end interior design firm in Connecticut, talk about identifying her ideal client avatar.

Creating an avatar is where you describe the qualities of your fictional, ideal client so you can better target, recognize and attract that kind of person to your practice.

When developing an ideal client avatar for your practice, most people make the mistake of focusing only on the demographics of their ideal client — for instance income range, age, gender, where they live, etc.

These things are important, but more important are the psychographics of your ideal clients.

A psychographic profile describes not only what someone is, but what someone likes and what someone believes. For instance, being conservative or liberal leaning would be a psychographic.

In this conversation, in addition to Caryn, you’ll also hear marketing coach Richard Petrie and architect, Peter Twohy who facilitates these meetings. Peter was a guest on the show back in Episode 92.

In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

The key to attracting the kinds of clients you actually want to work with
Why having a mission and purpose is essential if you want to create an enduring business
How to identify your personal mission, which author Simon Sinek calls your “why”
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