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As more of us live more of our lives online — through video meetings, asynchronous and remote digitally-enabled work, social media networks, massive online gaming communities, and now the rising metaverse — two major themes stand out. First, people are hungry for optimism, and that unquenchable thirst for fun, whimsy, and play is evident across ages, industries, and brand categories. And second, we are all even hungrier for authentic, meaningful connection, determined to protect the wellbeing of ourselves and loved ones.

These two central drives are deeply felt and deeply human, and they complement each other, in the ideas they spark and the visuals needed to express them. This year’s forecast synthesizes what we’ve learned from the stock industry, customer signals, and our own research to bring you the most important trends to know across photography, illustration, vector graphics, design templates, motion graphics, 3D and immersive experiences.

Welcome to the 2022 Creative Trends forecast from Adobe Stock.

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