Live UI/UX Design with Michael Crabtree – 2 of 3

Join graphic designer Michael Crabtree on Adobe Live as he creates an app prototype in Adobe XD for the Universal Windows Platform! Have you ever wanted to identify a song or sound-clip simply by singing, humming or talking? SoundFind is the app for you! Today, Michael continues adding functionality to SoundFind by adding popup menus, a mini player and a complete on boarding experience! Afterward, he will polish the design into a high fidelity prototype! Stay tuned to learn how Michael designs intuitive and beautiful UWP experiences!

Michael is a graphic designer and works as the Publications Director at Grace Christian Fellowship Church!


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Overview: 5:00
Work begins: 9:15
How to share a prototype: 15:45
How to comment on XD prototypes: 22:30
How to use the background blur feature: 44:30
Sharing files with creative cloud: 58:30

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