2017 Chicago Biennale Roundtable with UCLA AUD Participants

UCLA Architecture and Urban Design 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial participants: Erin Besler, Sarah Hearne, Wonne Ickx, Andrew Kovacs, Jimenez Lai, and Sylvia Lavin with 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial creative directors Mark Lee and Sharon Johnston, and principals, JohnstonMarkLee, Los Angeles. Moderated by Michael Osman, Associate Professor, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

The 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial showcased the work of more than 140 participants, inspired by the topic to ‘Make New History.’ One binding interest of the UCLA Architecture and Urban Design participants was the medium of the model. Whereas the model is often taken as a technique for design, localized in the architect’s studio or workshop, the models created by AUD faculty deviated from that singular purpose. Some were models of models, other were models of photographs, and still others were models of existing buildings transformed into concepts. This roundtable event will discuss these commonalities and the relationship of the participants’ work to the Biennial theme.

UCLA Architecture and Urban Design’s 2017-18 public lecture series “This, Not That” invites thought-provoking speakers to present arguments for their respective positions, or ideological stances, toward the design of the built environment. Their arguments will be supported by presentations of their creative efforts in research, pedagogy or professional practice. This series stages an ongoing debate around the shifting perspectives that frame creative practice.


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