2015-02-20 Kostas Grigoriadis – Future Matters Part 1


Organised by Kostas Grigoriadis

Future Matters: The Imminent Reality of Multi-materiality Series: Symposium

Date: 20/2/2015

Time: 10:00:00

Venue: Lecture Hall Running time: 169 mins

When describing their research programme for sending out in space by 2020 the world’s first 3D printed satellite, scientists from the European Space Agency pointed out that “in the world of materials it’s the mixing of […] different chemical elements that is vital […]: we hardly use pure metals but we do use compounds, alloys and composites; the actual number of combinations and ratios of mixing elements is infinite” (ESA, 2014). Being “closer to alchemy than architectural tectonics […] multi-materiality is the holy grail of materials scientists” (Wiscombe, 2012), while in architecture initial research in the field of multi-material design is only beginning to become evident, albeit in a dispersed manner.


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