153: From Architecture to UX with Tania Ostanina

This week, I’m speaking with Tania Ostanina, User Experience Designer for LexisNexis.

Tania had a fully-established career in architecture, reaching up to a senior associate role, before deciding to shift gears and take on human-computer interaction design.

In 2019, she took her Master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction, and has been awarded the Outstanding Project Prize by the Department of Computer Science at City University for her dissertation on harnessing persuasive technology and mobile app design to foster effective climate change communication.

As a UX designer, she is currently working on the user experience of a suite of B2B, highly-specialised, subscription-only digital publishing products for LexisNexis UK as well as helping drive discovery and innovation.

In this episode, we discuss what is UX, how her foundation in architecture benefitted her career in UX Design, what are the parallels and main differences between UX and architecture design, and what are some lessons that architects could be learning from UX designers in improving the user experience.


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