141: How to Collaborate with Larger Practices with Dennis Austin

This week, we’re speaking with Dennis Austin of Daab Design.

Dennis has 30 years designing award-winning projects in both Europe and America. He’s enjoyed the cultural richness of living and practicing in New York, Paris, and London. He’s a French speaker. He believes in the earnest collaboration between client, architect, engineer, and contractor.

Prior to creating Daab Design, Dennis had held positions for about 17 years. He was at RSH+P, Calatrava, and Viñoly to name a few, so an incredible array of large practice experience as well as working in smaller practices himself.

In this episode, Dennis outlines this collaborative approach and how a small practice actually might approach larger practices. He goes into a lot of depth about his experience in large practices and small practices and how the two can come together. He relates his own experience of large-scale infrastructure and how that has been translated into the types of work he’s doing now in his own practice. We also discuss the future of collaborative approach in architecture.


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