129: Concepts of Value in Property with Thomas Rasche

Today we had the opportunity to speak with Thomas Rasche who has a lot of experience working both in the architectural sector and property.

He is the author of a number of property books called “They Huffed and They Puffed: Why The Three Little Pigs Chose Their Buildings,” “Concepts of Value in Property,” and “Strategic Definition: Property Development Workbook.”

Thomas has a lot of experience working in property, property valuation, contracts, project and design management, architecture design, and consulting as well as a lot of teaching and in property around this idea of valuation in architecture.

Today’s discussion is one we hear again, and again, and again about how do we communicate value, and I think Thomas really brings a lot of depth and insight into this conversation.

In this episode, you will discover
– How to communicate the value of architecture
– How do we view value in property
– How can architects learn to better align their design agendas with the business cases of their clients


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