1 Project and 3 Different Axonometric Styles in Architecture

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In this video, we’re exploring 3 different axonometric styles! I used a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop, and Vray to get these results. The modeling part was done in Sketchup because the idea was to have just a fairly basic 3d model. But if this was a real project workflow, I’d probably have worked in Archicad and then exported the base files from there. The rendering step was done using Vray because it’s a very flexible engine, but the rendering Style can also be achieved with other engines (even real-time).

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Learn more about the project from WERK: https://werkarkitekter.dk/projects/sportstaarnet/

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0:00 Intro
0:47 More about the project from WERK
1:32 Drawing the plan with Rayon
3:29 3D modeling
3:58 Exporting the pdf
4:33 Organizing the Illustrator file
6:23 1st style: Colored lines
10:02 Learn more about diagrams
10:24 2nd style: Textures
11:56 3rd style: Rendering
16:18 bonus tip: Clay renders
17:05 Final thoughts

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