079: Infrastructure Architect & Mentor to the Profession with Jason Boyle

Have you ever considered a career in the fascinating world of design complex infrastructure buildings? This week we speak with Jason Boyle, the youngest person to become a Fellow of the RIBA and who also received fellowship status from the Royal Society of Arts in 2018 for his work in infrastructure.

Jason has spent the last 11 years of his career in the Nuclear Industry and is currently leading the architecture of a £800m + nuclear infrastructure project at Sellafield. Jason is an ambassador for Architecture in the Civil and Engineering sector, is a responsible engineer and has been a pioneer for the use of BIM in government infrastructure projects.

Jason is also the founder of mymentor.expert a professional mentoring service designed, as Jason describes ‘to unlock the potential, which is deep inside of everyone, at any stage of your career by giving you the keys to succeed in life.’

In this episode you will discover:
– The career pathway Jason followed to become a nuclear infrastructure specialist
– How Jason’s pioneering work in infrastructure earned him a fellowship
– The importance of having a mentor and what are some game changing tools for productivity

This week’s resources:

Discovery call with Rion:

My Mentor




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