๐Ÿ”ด What Does it Mean To Be a Self Taught Graphic Designer? The Futur Live w/ Ben Burns & Chris Do

Are you a self taught designer but feel stuck? Do you need to go to design school? Ben Burns & Chris Do go live and share their stories about their respective design educations. Is this the beginning of a new curriculum we are designing?

Webster defines “self-taught” as has having acquired the skill through one’s own initiative rather than formal instruction. Ben Burns went to USC (University of South Carolina) and Chris Do went to Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.

Say it with me guys, “Tools don’t matter. Degrees don’t matter. Resumes don’t matter. Schools don’t matter.” What matters, is talent, hustle, and action. The tool doesn’t make the artist. The artist makes the tool. Professionals can use any tool and make beautiful works of art.


02:48 You are unique: your skills, mindset, and experiences are different from everyone else
05:59 What does it mean to be Self-taught?
09:00 How much time have you invested in your education?
11:00 Hustle vs. Grind
12:31 Why are knowing the rules and terminology of your craft important?
19:40 To must first learn the rules to break them.
21:40 Q: What books do you recommend about design terminology?
23:45 Ben Burns shares his difficulties learning design
27:05 Why stretched typography looks terrible
28:43 Q: Any suggestions on justifying being a self-taught designer to clients?
31:08 You don’t make clients pay for my education – learn off-hours
32:37 Q: What happened to Jose?
33:34 Can you really qualify yourself as self-taught?
35:06 Q: Will people not take me seriously if I’m not using Adobe Creative Suite?
40:38 List of design school classes
49:00 Curate Your Education: Find the online equivalent of a design school curriculum
50:58 Q: What to do if you don’t know how to draw and classes aren’t helping?
51:38 Design Meetups can help you with two-way feedback and mentorship
52:34 Trace from a master, not from an amateur
54:22 Q: Is essential to graphic design?
55:27 Education is the one thing that people can’t take away from you.
58:00 Learning Typography is the secret to great design
1:00:30 Typography versus lettering
1:02:10 Q: How did you speed up your learning process and become comfortable as a designer?
1:03:55 Q: I have overextended my time, what should I do?
1:04:21 Q: How did you structure your learning curriculum as a self-taught designer?
1:05:11 Q: How long did it take to get a design job out of design school?
1:07:26 Q: How do I convince my parents that I don’t need a degree to work in this field?
1:08:06 Q: If design schools were free to attend, would that change your opinion on their value?
1:09:57 The students make/break the school, not the other way around.
1:12:28 Chris shares how he rediscovered his passion for design
1:16:09 People around you can often see things inside you, that you are blind to
1:17:38 Life-changing moment: I will do whatever I need to do to make this happen.
1:18:56 Never Settle: You set the level/quality of your education
1:20:38 Q: After getting my bachelor’s degree in design, where should I do next?
1:22:20 Be Unstoppable: Analyze what your day
1:22:49 Who are you competing with? – Roland Young (Slay the master)

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