🔴 Are you a FREELANCER or Independent Business?— Live Q&A, advice, discussion Pt. 1

Freelancers look for jobs. They get booked. They sell time and are expected to do the work themselves. They’re temporary employees (aka hired guns), are directed by a supervisor/manager, tend to work on site and earn based on hours worked. Does that sound like you?

Businesses, on the other hand, look for clients (or even better, accounts). They look for project awards. They sell projects and are expected to run the projects. Sometimes this is a solo endeavor while at other times can include several people. They conduct marketing, sales, negotiations, provide estimates, terms of payments, build scope of work documents, have payment terms, work offsite, work independently, aren’t directed, and tend to bid on a project basis.
So which are you— Freelancer or Business?

What are the differences between working remotely as an independent contractor and freelancing for a studio? Tips for freelancers including: billing, marketing, rates, best practices, terminology.

Are you a freelancer or independent contractor?


03:53 Horror Story about not understanding industry terminology/jargon
06:30 Ben Shares a horror story about having his work stolen
07:10 Q: Do you have any advice for freelancing remotely?
08:20 Q: How do you find remote freelancers to hire?
13:05 Billing Breakdown: How do you charge for remote work?
15:40 Time pricing versus value pricing
23:56 Q: Does it matter if you refer to yourself as a freelancer or company?
26:10 Q: Make sure you only show the parts that you created
31:18 Q: Do you have any marketing strategy advice for digital designers?
35:14 Q: Is there a slack group for the community?
35:48 Q: Where should people interested in freelancing start while still in school?
37:25 Q: Are you all a collective of freelancers?
38:19 Q: How do you level up the quality of your work when you are stuck with lower paying projects?
41:00 Q: How do you deal with freelancers from other companies?
43:40 Q: How do you start a side hustle?
45:38 Q: Do you value university education over the work?
47:00 Q: How do you politely refuse friends who ask for free work?
48:35 Q: What to do when your skills aren’t valued where you live?
49:42 How to join The Futur Pro facebook group
50:44 Q: What about doing design contests?
51:47 Q: Is moving onto somewhere new worth enjoying it less?
54:47 Q: Is it okay to charge at a professional rate if the work is at the same level even though I’m still in school?
56:04 Q: As a freelancer, do you recommend joining the AIGA?
57:29 Q: Which graphic design job will people get paid for more in the future?

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