Wtf is Blobitecture?

What is Blobitecture? What does it even mean and what kind of buildings fall under it? Find out all that and more in this video.

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Kunsthaus Graz By Marion Schneider & Christoph Aistleitner – Self-photographed via Wikimedia Commons
DZ Bank Building photograph by Nancy Da Campo
Museo Soumaya by Diego Delso via Wikimedia Commons
Greg Lynn photograph by EEJCC via Wikimedia Commons
Aqua Tower photo by Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing via
Living Sculpture in Salzburg, Austria, by Christine & Horst Lechner By Horst Michael Lechner via Wikimedia Commons
Montreal Bioshpere By Guilhermeduartegarcia via Wikimedia Commons
Flinstone House By Sergei from San Bruno, USA, California – The Flintstone HouseUploaded by Armbrust via Wikimedia Commons
Fresh Water Pavilion : HtwoOexpo, Interactive Museum. Neeltje Jans Island, Netherlands, 1997. Architect: NOX, Lars Spuybroek. Image © NOX/Lars Spuybroek
Sage Gateshead By Jimfbleak at the English-language via Wikimedia Commons
Selfridges Building By Bs0u10e0 via Wikimedia Commons
Kunsthaus Graz by Henry Kellner via Wikimedia Commons
Kunsthaus Graz by Thomas Ledl via Wikimedia Commons
MP|SFM via Wikimedia licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
Amdavad ni gufa By Vaishal Dalal via Wikimedia Commons
Amdavad ni gufa photographs via


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