Working with Color in Lightroom with Aundre Larrow – 2 of 2

Tune in with Photographer Aundre Larrow on Adobe Live as he covers what’s new in Lightroom from Adobe MAX! This week, Aundre will share portraiture protips as he shares insights on how to leverage presets, profiles and the new Color Grading tools in Lightroom. Stick around for part two, where Aundre will edit photos submitted by YOU, the viewers!

Guest Aundre Larrow is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY:

Host Terry White is a photographer and Adobe evangelist based Atlanta, GA :

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
04:11 Preview of today’s topic – filtered searches
07:59 Iphone 12 Pro camera review
14:43 Iphone portrait mode and Lightroom Raw
17:48 Shooting in DNG (digital negative)
20:40 Iphone 12 Pro’s color management
24:55 Color grading
29:54 Creating a Color Grading preset
34:09 Discussing light modification – natural light, flash, and flash modifiers
41:06 Inexpensive lighting
47:45 Discussing shutter speed and light strobing
55:30 Creating and saving presets
59:52 Aundre edits photo of shoes – adding color back into the sky
1:12:03 Terry begins edit of portrait – adjusting white balance
1:14:57 Fixing distractions
1:20:58 Linear Gradient
1:21:35 Terry starts an edit – straighten image and sky replacement
1:27:42 Aundre starts an edit – eye adjustments and adding texture
1:34:20 Eliminating distractions
1:37:35 Aundre starts a new edit
1:41:20 Editing a food photo
1:44:33 Editing a pet photo
1:47:59 Terry begins portrait edit – using a radial filter
1:50:25 Terry edits another portrait
1:51:45 Editing a cobblestone street for a wet cobblestone look


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