William Kaven designs house on Lake Michigan for bracing weather

This video shows a house built by American architecture firm William Kaven.

Camp Minoh is designed as a concrete, blackened timber and glass residence on the shore of Lake Michigan to withstand the area’s extreme winter weather.

The house is located near the town of Charlevoix, in northern Michigan, on a sandy waterfront site that experiences frequent storms and gales during the colder part of the year.

William Kaven, therefore, oriented the residence to brace against the elements, and create a sheltered area in front for those arriving.

“Camp Minoh is positioned to withstand the strong winter winds heading south across the lake from the Upper Peninsula and Canada,” said Daniel Kaven, who co-founded the firm based in Portland, Oregon, with brother Trevor William Lewis.

Surrounded by pine and birch trees, the family retreat is also designed to maximise views of the lake from several vantage points.

It features large windows for enjoying the vistas from inside on chilly days, and a large concrete patio for spending time outdoors during warmer months.

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