William J MItchell – e-Topia: The Design of Digital Cities

Lecture date: 1999-11-15

William J Mitchell is Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT. He teaches courses and conducts research in design theory, computer applications in architecture and urban design, and imaging and image synthesis. Mitchells book e-topia: Urban Life Jim – But Not As We Know It is an exploration of the new forms and functions of cities in the digital era. Picking up where his best-selling City of Bits left off, Mitchell argues that we must extend the definitions of architecture and urban design to encompass both virtual places and physical places, and interconnection by means of telecommunication links as well as by pedestrian circulation and mechanised transportation systems. He proposes strategies for the creation of cities that are sustainable and make economic, social, and cultural sense in an electronically interconnected world.

NB: Occasionally low sound. Questions from Mark Cousins virtually inaudible.


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