Will Graphic Designers Be Extinct By 2033!?

Are we graphic designers going to soon be replaced by machines before the year 2033? This question is something that will concern a lot of graphic designers out there, as the future is not certain. Ai and automated design is becoming more and more prevalent within the graphic design industry, but will it fully take over?

In todays video I explore this question and set to answer it for once and for all. Will graphic designers become extinct or will we prevail and learn to evolve and prosper with machines by our sides? We already make use of a whole lot of automation and Ai when we use things like Adobe software. So maybe we will just learn to embrace a new level of machine and work alongside our robotic friends.
One things is for certain though, graphic designers have always needed to adapt to survive. If you resist the evolution of the graphic design industry then you will fall behind, or at least theist majority of those who fail o adapt will fall behind. It’s a case of being aware to the changes in graphic design and then tweaking your workflow and skillset to go with the flow. Its doesn’t matter if you’re a website designer, logo designer, product designer, art director or what, we will all need to adapt to survive in our creative fields.

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