Why does Instagram Change the Color of My Picture?

Does transferring images from your computer or laptop to your phone change its color. Do the colors of your images or photos change while you upload them to Instagram? Sometimes, photos from your camera seem to lose their colors when transferred from one device to another. Colors go totally off and we go crazy adjusting the values to suit the device’s configurations. In this video, we are going to learn not only what causes this problem but also how to solve it so that every time you upload images online, your colors are spot on correct and accurate.

We as photographers are super picky about colors, and when they seem off, we get terribly affected. This problem usually occurs when we transfer photos from our cameras to our computer and then to our smartphones. In most cases, camera photos show the wrong colors on a phone. Usually, we click a RAW image using our camera. Then, we transfer it to our computer and do a little bit editing on Photoshop and Lightroom. Then, when we export the image, the image seems to be all right on the laptop or the computer. But when you transfer the same image to your phone, the colors change drastically and they change even more when you upload them to Instagram.

All this happens due to format compatibility issues. To understand this, we need to first understand the concept of Color Space or Color Profile. What is Color Space? It is nothing but the range of colors available for a digital file. Every digital image file has been assigned a color space. It is important to note that some color spaces are larger than the other and there are no bad color spaces. In short, the images from your camera have color spaces much larger than that supported by your phones or other devices. Therefore, when you transfer your camera photos to your phones, there colors go totally off. It is because the representation of colors outside the range of the what your phone supports becomes difficult. Hence, the system gets confused and either shows you random colors or the closest color in the range of the ones supported by your phone or any other device.

So, what is the solution? The solution is to change the color space or the color profile right inside your computer in Photoshop and then transfer the photos to your phone. In this video, we will go in-depth about what exactly is color space or color profile, what are the common types of color profile that you might come across from day to day, what color profiles to use and what color spaces are best and for what purposes and when to convert an image from one color space to other.Keep in mind, don’t get confused, “Color Space” is same as “Color Profile”. They can be used interchangeably.

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