Why did railroad companies mass produce cities?

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This video was synthesized from a few key sources:

– Reps, J. W. (1965). The making of urban America: a history of city planning in the United States.
– https://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/24467929.pdf?casa_token=GVSBCMJK4rEAAAAA:Bw_HCcAsy2OI4h19LJd9fZEd4rK8bpYV4t4EbHh2aHCk9q7qbKeY8ayH2IzQyXYcl_aIoP5YXFnW3ErUKSXlMzHegFARYi-bVfNByVpC1yF4h-8w3Q
– https://www.genealogyjourney.net/federal-land-grants-to-railroads-checkerboarding/
– http://ridingtherails.org/

Produced by Dave Amos in sunny San Luis Obispo, California.
Edited by Ryan Alva in Los Angeles, California.
Audio by Eric Schneider in cloudy Cleveland, Ohio.
Select images and video from Getty Images.
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