Where to Find Free Commercial Use Fonts

Learn some great spots for free fonts online! 🙂
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This video covers 6 awesome spots to grab free commercial use fonts – at least in most of the examples.

When you’re working on a project and everything is feeling good except the fonts you’re using, that’s when you’ll find yourself wishing that you had a bigger font selection to pick from, or knew a few extra spots to grab some sweet free spots. This way you’re totally covered! 🙂

Most of the examples linked above are free for commercial use, but always check out that font’s specific licensing before using a font on a paid commercial project. Better safe than sorry! Nevertheless the above links will give you hundreds (if not thousands) of free fonts to check out so start looking and find all your favorites.

Also feel free to link your favorite spots in the comments below, just don’t link any piracy websites or other questionable sources or I’ll have to remove your comment. I like to see people who work hard on making fonts get paid for them (when they choose to sell them anyways!).

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