What's in the SketchUp Essentials Course?

In this video I walk you through what I’m including in the SketchUp Essentials Course – my comprehensive course for teaching you to use SketchUp!

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One of the most common questions I’ve gotten about The SketchUp Essentials Course has been “Is this course for me?” It can be confusing with all the different SketchUp resources out there to figure out which resource is the right fit, so I wanted to go a bit further into detail about exactly what will be contained in this course.

I wanted to design a course that did 4 things –
– Acted as a comprehensive guide to using the tools in SketchUp to create 3D models
– Taught smart modeling workflows so that students could save time by modeling the right way in SketchUp
– Gave students a place to ask their SketchUp questions and get answers
– Gave a complete framework of knowledge so that at the end of the course, students would be proficient in SketchUp Use

What You’ll Learn

To achieve these goals, I created a course that was broken up into 11 modules, covering everything from basic tool usage and model navigation, to detailed workflows for creating interior designs, to the basics of photorealistic rendering.

Module 1: Introduction to SketchUp. In this module, you’ll learn how to download and install Sketchup, and learn the basics of navigating in the SketchUp Workspace

Module 2: SketchUp Drawing and Modification Tools. Learn the basic and advanced functions of the tools you can use to create 3D models in SketchUp

Module 3: Modeling with Objects. Just being able to draw in your SketchUp models isn’t enough. In this section, learn the secrets of modeling with groups and components for easy organization and changes!

Module 4: Working with Textures, Colors, and Materials. No one likes drab, boring models – Learn to apply SketchUp’s built-in textures to your models, then learn how to branch out into creating custom textures to give your models an exciting new look!

Module 5: Advanced Cameras, Views, and Styles. Learn to save camera views, apply styles to your models to create interesting new looks, create animations from your models, and more!

Module 6: Advanced Modeling Concepts in SketchUp. Slow models can be frustrating. In this section we discuss the secrets of creating faster SketchUp models, the magic of modeling using SketchUp’s hidden geometry, and other smart modeling techniques!

Module 7: Extension Modeling in SketchUp. One of the powerful things about SketchUp is that you can download 3rd party extensions to supercharge its functionality! In this module, learn where to get these extensions, how to use them, and some of the best extensions that everyone should have!

Module 8: Location and Site Modeling. Learn to assign your SketchUp models an actual geographical location, import terrain, and create sitework using Sandbox tools. This section is essential if you create models that need any kind of geographical data!

Module 9: SketchUp Interior Design Modeling. This section will focus on start to finish modeling of interiors in SketchUp. We’ll start by creating a floor plan, then walk step by step through adding doors and windows, cabinets, furniture, materials, and more!

Module 10: SketchUp to Layout. Learn to export your models to Layout to create 2D documents, then learn some advanced tips for customizing your documents by adding lineweights, hatching, and more!

Module 11: Introduction to Photorealistic Rendering. Creating photorealistic renderings from your models can be difficult. In this series, we’ll discuss the principles behind creating photorealistic renderings, help you select a 3D rendering program, and go through some tips for interior and exterior renders!

Course Timeline

Right now, the course is available for Pre-Order for 40% Off through tonight, February 28th, at 11:59 PM Mountain Time, USA.

From February 28th through March 14th, pre-orders will be 20% off.

AFTER THAT POINT, I WILL NOT BE DISCOUNTING THIS COURSE AGAIN, so if you want to get the course at a reduced cost, make sure to pre-order before March 14th.

The course will launch on 3/14/2018.

Get the course now at http://www.thesketchupessentials.com/course


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