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Here is the 3nd Part of ” Warp Text in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial”.
In this episode we will look at ” how you can Warp Text to any Shape. You can Warp to Circle, Square, Rectangle, Polygon and even to complicated Perspective Shapes. We will create some interesting text design. where we will reshape the text in the shape of a vector shape. We will understand the option and the attribute that can used to create out these kind of design. We have used “Make to Top Object” Option under Envelop distort. And created some variety of Designs. So Check out the video to see the full in-depth tutorial.

Check Out Part1 : Make With Warp : https://youtu.be/dFBZBBnhwjU
Check Out Part2 : Make With Mesh : https://youtu.be/cq3K27M36mI
Check out Part3 : Make to Top Object : https://youtu.be/5ceVas9Au24
Check out Part4 : Warp Text To 3D Shapes : https://youtu.be/zyvkmxfsa1Q
Check Out Part4 : Warp Text to 3D Shapes :
Understanding Make to Top Object : 1:09
Reshape text to Square : 03:21
Editing the Text & Color : 4:52
Warp Text to Perspective : 05:30
Creating Cuboid Using 3D Extrude & Bevel : 5:46
Changing Font in the Design : 9:29

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