Walk the talk with Dr. BV Doshi

“Can you ‘see’ IIMB as a building? It is not visible because nature has taken over so you see a wall here, a pillar there. It has scale and density but also porosity. What is architecture? What does it really mean? When we ‘inhabit’ a space (consciously), architecture becomes the body to our soul. Then it is alive…it can talk to us,” said Dr. BV Doshi who designed the IIM Bangalore building and many others but most importantly, he shaped the way architecture is taught in India. The legendary architect is also the founder-director of the School of Architecture, Ahmedabad (1962-72), founder-director of the School of Planning (1972-79), founder-dean of the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (1972-81), founder-member of the Visual Arts Centre, Ahmedabad and founder-director of the Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad. Join Dr BV Doshi as he takes you on a walking tour of the IIMB Campus.


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