Walk By Swipe Transition Effect Premiere Pro Tutorial

Check out this simple walk by swipe transition effect that can be done purely in camera, or with a combination of camera movement and masking effects in Premiere Pro! Learn how to work with simple timeline animations and effects in Premiere in this tutorial.

A bit rough around the edges, but as I get back up to speed you’ll see the quality of tutorials, speaking, and editing improve. Hope you enjoy this one! 😄

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00:00 Intro (and a bunch of talking)
01:09 Making the effect in camera
02:19 Rambling about my Premiere layout
02:38 Previewing the motorized slider transition
03:44 Adding footage to the timeline
04:40 Stacking the footage
05:32 Animate the masking effect
06:48 Lining up the second shot
09:02 Color grade
11:16 Exporting 4K footage
13:11 Get, it, got it, Gooood!



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