Video Masterclass | What’s the BEST CC Product to Share/Edit VIDEO

In today’s Masterclass, we review three options in Creative Cloud that enable you to edit and share videos. Creative Cloud Express’ quick actions, Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro will be covered during this class, and we’ll talk about the benefits and limitations of each. Bring your questions!


00:00 Start
1:15 Intro to Today’s Project
03:38 Recap
04:37 Creative Cloud Express Overview
07:35 Quick Actions
10:15 Converting to MP4
17:50 Converting Video to GIF
24:44 Working in Premiere Rush
27:50 Creating a New Project in Premiere Rush
29:24 How to Add a Graphic in Premiere Rush
37:48 How to Use Color Presets
40:32 Using Speed Ramps
51:45 Comparing Tools from Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, and Lightroom


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