Video Masterclass | How to Work with 360 VR Video (Part 1)

In this Masterclass, Jason will cover the basics of getting started with 360/VR Video in Premiere Pro. From ingest and format requirements, setting up the project, enabling VR controls/settings and working with VR positioning effects for both video and audio.
00:00 start
03:21 Starting 360 VR project in Premier – covering formats
06:01 Workflow for VR in Premier
15:37 Working with audio and VR footage – ambisonics and stereo
24:16 Using VR presets for stereoscopic sound
33:12 Repositioning audio of your ambisonic soundtrack – previewing VR audio
39:30 Sending audio to different channels to position sound
43:15 Selecting your starting point for your VR video
46:30 Adding effects to VR footage
53:05 VR specific transitions and effect settings



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