Victoria Casasco & Stanley Tigerman (March 20, 1991)

Ken Breisch introduces both Victoria Casasco and Stanley Tigerman, noting that the lectures are part of the Dreams, Beliefs and Fantasies series. He outlines Casasco’s academic and professional
career paths, which include the establishment of a studio in Venice, CA and teaching at SCI-Arc, noting her interest in sculpture, urbanism, minimalist geometries, and sensitivity to site while pursuing projects in Barcelona, New York, Florida and Los Angeles. Breisch reviews Stanley Tigerman’s career as architect and educator, his design awards and exhibitions.

Victoria Casasco argues that recent big urban and suburban residential projects lack coherence because architects choose not to engage on that scale. She reflects on the role of the architect in the world of tract houses, commercial centers, and suburban planning. She urges architects to re-engage larger scale issues and the public realm.

Casasco talks about a collaboration with an engineer on a residential project in Barcelona. She discusses issues of privacy and planar relationships. She presents a project for a house in Los Angeles that employs steel-framed construction and concrete panels. Casasco examines a house in Florida, which takes cues from the traditional wood framing of Southern vernacular architecture.

Stanley Tigerman presents a series of projects recently completed in his Chicago office, including a housing project in Belgrade. Tigerman discusses the reinterpretation of a disused granary, and
formal strategies for the disintegration of the existing cylindrical base. He presents in detail a competition entry for Disney animation buildings in Burbank. He discusses the topic of theming and his reluctance to engage with the project on this level. He discusses the Park Lane hotel in Kyoto.



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