Vector Illustrations with Adam Koon – Illustration 1 of 2

Join Graphic Designer Adam Koon on Adobe Live as he designs with vectors in Illustrator! This week, Adam will share his full process as he builds full color illustrations of his favorite Brooklyn restaurants. Stick around for color, shading and technique protips from one of the best!

Adam Koon is a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in New York.

Host Elle Mitchell is the co-founder of Weekend Creative, a photographer and art director team based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Adam Koon

Elle Mitchell


Join us LIVE on Behance:
Check out part 2:

Intro: 3:30
Work begins: 7:12
Preparing before you illustrate: 12:33
How to find an agent: 19:50
How to find a color theme: 31:40
What to present to the client: 1:16:40



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