Vector Illustrations in Adobe Photoshop with Monica Ahanonu – 2 of 2

Join Monica Ahanonu and host VooDoo Val for vector illustration on Adobe Live! This week, Monica will show the power of the vector tool in Adobe Photoshop as she creates beautiful vector designs that emphasize silhouettes, bright colors and blended imagery. If you want to learn how Monica uses lighting, texture and perspective to create beautiful designs, this is the livestream for you!

Guest Monica Ahanonu is a freelance illustrator working and living in Los Angeles:

Host VooDoo Val is a Creative Streamer & Community Moderator for Adobe Live based in Sacramento:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
03:35 Recap of previous session
07:00 Reviewing reference for illustration
15:12 How Monica chooses her references
20:29 Finding new designers to draw inspiration from
25:15 Creating projects and deciding what to include in new projects
32:30 Why Monica uses Photoshop over Illustrator for her vector illustrations
39:35 Differences between Photoshop and Illustrator
51:35 Finding what works for you when creating
1:03:05 Keeping the process loose adds to Monica’s style
1:07:35 Monica’s background in animation
1:17:25 Working non destructively in Photoshop
1:22:03 Adding lighting effects and textures to the Illustration
1:28:48 Reviewing the Photoshop Daily Creative Challenge
1:48:05 Recap of Monica’s work from the session 1 and 2


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