Vapolator: Seawater Extraction Skyscraper

Honorable Mention
2018 Skyscraper Competition

Seunghwan Jung, Ryeojin Jeon
South Korea

Vapolator: Seawater Extraction Skyscraper


We propose a skyscraper to get fresh water from the waters using the principles of nature. This building has a form that can best collect water vapor condensed in the sea. The condensed water flows to the stem through the trumpet and is fed to a vertically stacked farm.

To reduce discarded water, the water used in each layer is used again in the lower layer after some water purification. The water used up to the ground level is stored in the lower part of the building after being purified. The stored water and harvested crops are transported to the ground through the ship. Utilizing the power of water falling from a height of about 2 km, hydroelectric power is generated inside the stem to produce energy.

Vapolator: Seawater Extraction SkyscraperVapolator: Seawater Extraction Skyscraper

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